Update Planer: Update searches in planer


Bugfix collections: Fixed bug that causes missing recipes in collection edit view
Bugfix guts: Changed default gut


Bugfix pdf: Fixed bug with falsly printsettings and shown data in pdf


Add natural gut types: Natural guts can have different types (beef, pork, sheep)
Add sorting collections: Add sorting function for collections
Add search bar collections: Add a search bar to collections
Add sorting materials: Add sorting function to materials
Bugfix recipes form: Fixed a bug which cause crashes, when no beffe type is selected


change public view: Public recipes will now be the recipes of the public user


Fixed Bug in Guide: Fixed a bug in guide pdfs


Add features translation: Add a feature for translators. They will be able to double click in static text fields to give them a translation
Add new design: Planit got new designs
Improve GUI Groups: Improve the User Interface of Groups
Improve GUI Recipes: Improve the User Interface of Recipes
Improve GUI Users: Improve the User Interface of User pages
Add Interface for scales: Add interfaces for some scales
Improve declarations: Improve feature for auto declarations
Dynamic Recipes form: Make recipes form dynamic. No reloads needed anymore
Bugfix: Fixed some bugs


Improve API: improve API for danish recipes


Improve material search: The material search has been improved. The search will now find for different matchers (or)


Bugfix material: Fixed a bug which causes allergen and additive relations to multiply
Bugfix recipe pdf: Fixed a bug which causes multiple allergen classes in ingredient list in pdfs


Bugfix pdf sum: The sum in the pdf recipe pass was displayed wrong. Rounding errors where removed


bugfix codex a: fixed a bug in codex a calculations


fixed bugs: Fixed serveral bugs for recipes index


Fixed bug recipes form: Fixed a bug whish causes missing association between recipe_materials
Fixed bug recipes index: Fixed a bug which causes crashes for wrong search querys


Bugfix recipes index: Fixed a bug which causes crashes when a user selects a special combination in search options
Update enumbers: Split multi classes like "Stabilisatoren & Emulgatoren" in sub classes


Bugfix login: Fixed a bug which causes bad style for login window
Bugfix speed: Fixed a bug which causes PLANIT to be slow
Bugfix transfer: Fixed a bug for the transfer protocol
Add transfers: Add transfer options
Improve translations: Add translations from planer to translation center
Add prices: Add prices to Weekplaner
Add guide: Add guide section
Add dutch: Add dutch as language
Add translator: Add new role for users to translate static texts
Improve shooping list: Add different PDF styles for shoopinglist for foodies and butchers
Add prices to daily plan: Add prices to daily plan
Add hoover texts: Add hoover texts to planer menu
Add Enumber-Groups: Add classes and groups for Enumbers
Improve declaration recommendation: Improve generated dexlaration recommendations
Add recipe numbers: Add recipe Numbers behind recipes in planer search


Add enobles pdf: Add enobles to old design
Add beffe pdf: Add beffe list to old design


Increase render speed: Increase speed to render recipe form


Bugfix importer: Fixed a bug in materials importer


Bugfix product provider: Fixed a bug which causes trouble with multiple product provider names


Bugfix footer pdf: Fixed bug with missing footer


Improve back button: Back buttons of recipes and materials will remeber search strings
Bugfix large collections pdf: A new window for big collections was implemented.
Bugfix allergens pdf (collections): Fixed wrong design of allergens collections pdf


Bugfix recipes images: A bug which prevents saving of images was fixed
Bugfix collection pdf: A bug which prevents the PLAN-IT-Logo to be displayed in PDFs for collections recipe pass was fixed
Bugfix prices: A bug which prevents prices to be saved was fixed
Bugfix volumes pdf: A bug which causes wrong calculations in pdfs for volumns was fixed


Bugfix clone materials: A Bug which prevents materials to be cloned was fixed
Bugfix recipe images: A Bug which causes images in recipe edit form to vanish was fixed
Bugfix recipe pdf (beffe): A bug which causes pdfs to ignore printsettings fpr beffe was fixed
Format nutritonal data (pdf): Nutritonal data now will be rounded after 1 place


Add new printsettings: Add settings for address line.
Update Design collections: Updated the collections design to choosen design


Bugfix import: Fixed Bugfix for imports


Bugfix image sizes: Fixed a bug which let images shrink to 1 px
Bugfix search: Fixed a bug which prevents fields with umlauts(äöü..) to be searched
Add CSV-Importer: Added CSV-Importer for materials with functions for CSV, XLS, XLSX, ODP
Add option for setting: Added option for only-translated for materials and recipes
Changed e-numbers: Made e-numbers more dynamicly
Add E-Number-Manager: Add an e-number manager to change e-numbers to its meaning
Add Codex Alimentariaus: Add formulas for the Codex A
Changed Searches: Made searches more dynamicly
Changed Color in PDFs: Changed Colors in PDF. Users can now choose theire own color
Add productpass to recipe collections: Added productpass PDFs to recipe collections
Show declaration changes: Add feature to show if an declaration of an material has changed
Changed PDFs: Changed PDFs for daily plans and pricelists
Changed declaration text: Add new fields to declaration text
Transfer for public recipes: Add function to transfer public recipes


Fixed Bug PDF: Fixed a bug which causes wrong values for dosages in collection pdf


Bugfix pdfs planer: Fixed a bug which prevents pdf printings of daily plan and week plan in planer


Optimize planer: Optimze loading speed of the mixer
Bugfix mixer: Fixed bug which prevents components to be load correctly in mixer


fixed bug collections: Fixed a bug which prevents images in pdf to be displayed
fixed but rights: Fixed a bug which prevents allergen sheets to be printed
fixed bug noimage.png: Image was not found
fixed bug small images: Fixed a bug which causes images to shrink to much when resolution is low
fixed bug nutritonal: Fixed a bug which causes wrong nutritonal values for components
fixed wrong translations: Fixed some translations which were wrong
Add image to week plans: Users can now upload images for week-plans
Edited pdf for week-plan: Pdf for weekplan was edited to show image of week-plan
Edited pdf for shopping-list: Add new formats


Bugfix recipes search: Fixed bug which prevents recipes to be displayed
Add missing translations: Add missing translations
Improve search: Add recipe number to searched fields
Bugfix translations: Fixed bug for unknown translations
Add option autotranslate: Add an option to toggle auto translate in recipes


add advanced search: Add advanced search for planer
changed design login: Add new design for login page
rename start field: Rename start to login
upload start image: Admins can upload background images for start
change start page: Changed start page after login to recipe search in planer
change visibility of recipes: Users does have more controll about which recipe is shown
Add sorting for collections: Recipes in collections can be sorted witch drag and drop
Add title images for collections: Add title images for collections
Prevent duplicate recipes: Prevent cuplicate recipes in collections
Add search field collection: Add additional search field for recipe numbers to collections
Prevent empty recipes in collections: Prevent empty recipes in collections
Change default setting recipe search: Public recipes will be hidden in planer by default
Create collection in planer: Add functions to create and update collections in planer
Increase Speed: Increase speed of planer search
Add calendar for planer: Add calendar to select week for weekplaner
Add view for butcher: Add view for butcher to weekplaner
Add flag icons: Add icons for flags in translations


Fixed bugs recipe pdf: Fixed bug in Recipepass
Fixed bug old desing: Fixed bug which prevents pdf to be rendered in old design
Add image option: Add option to display whole image in PDF
Fixed bug components pdf: Fixed a bug which causes wrong positions of comonent values in recipe pass
Fixed bug user image: Fixed a bug which causes trouble in users form


Improve design new pdf: Improve the Design of the new PDF
Bugfix users profile: Users were not possible to delete pictures or change passwords


Update printsetting: Pritsetting for portions
Change behaviour of beffe: Beffe will now be more dynamic
Change behaviour portions_size: Portions size will now be displayed correctly
Bugfix recipes categorie search: Fixed an error which causes errors when searching for categoris
Bugfix recipe update: Fixed a bug which causes crashes when updating recipes (sometimes)


Fixed a bug of prices: Fixed a bug which prevents recipes to be saved
Fixed a bug of portions: Fixed a bug which prevents recipes to be saved
Added weight loss: Added weight loss to new design
Fixed a bug of recipes list: Fixed a bug which causes crashes if no recipe could be found
Fixed a bug in declaration: Fixed a bug which prevents materials with "%" in name to be shown
Fixed a bug of weekplan: Fixed a bug which prevents weekplans to be saved
Fixed a bug of recipe search: Fixed a bug which causes crashes when searching for recipe


Add Salt to new desing: Add Salt to new design(was missing)
Add beffe to old design: Add beffe to old design(was missing)
Add refresh to collections: Add functions for auto and manual refresh to collections
Add default order collections: Add default sorting order for collections
Fixed Bug materials: Fixed a bug in materials edit template, which causes crashes
Fixed Bug paginate recipes: Fixed a bug which prevents paginating for recipes
Fixed Bug portions: Calculate Portions with for selected print option


Fixed Design in PDF: Fixed an issue with borders in PDF
Fixed bug Weekplan: Fixed a bug which prevents saves and loads of weekplans
Fixed bug Buttons: Fixed a bug which prevents enumbers and declaration_help to be displayed


Fixed Bug recipe index: Fixed a bug which causes crashes if search parameter isn't set


Fixed a bug recipes: Fixed a bug which causes crashes for new recipes for users, who can't see prices
Change style of pdf: Make fonts bigger and margin left larger
Hide recommendation: Hide making recommendation of component if its ingredients are hidden
Fixed a bug in search: Removes invalid characters in search


Fixed a bug for PDF: Fixed a Bug which prevent displaying of PLANIT-Logo in PDF
Fixed style issues PDF: Fixed style of new PDF design
Fixed bug in validation: Fixed bug in validations


Fixed Bug recipes edit: Fixed a bug in recipes edit form which causes errors for nil relations
Fixed Bug pdf: Fixed a bug in recipes which causes crashes
Fixed Bug search: Fixed a bug in search which causes crashes
Fixed Bug material search: Fixed a bug for short searches in material search
Fixed Bug in login page: Fixed bug with cutted logos in login page for devices with max height
Deleted print button: Deleted print button in recipes in planer


Add collections for recipes: Add collections for recipes
Add collections to planer: users can search for collections and add all recipes in it to the planer
Inakcive products: Admin users can search for inaktive products
Reorder units in Planer: Reorder units in the planer. Now units are in one column
Improve responsive: Improved responsive for planer. Devices with small display are able to display the planer.
Removed print buttons: Removed print buttons from planer
Changed view of e-kladde: E-kladde-users can only see the recipe-list
Removed view options in planer: Until now only image and name option are available.
Add printsetting for image: Recipe and product pass got settings for images.
Add recipe specific printsettings: Recipes can be specified with own printsettings
Add seperate view for printsettings: Printsettings will now be available in a seperate window
Change prices: Material prices can now specified to different units.
Reworked trafficlight: trafficlight got a new view (admin funciton).
Add copy function for material: Add a function to copy and edit materials
Add dropdown for materials: Add dropdown textfields for materials
Add search bar for uses: Add searchbar for users to search them by name and email (admin function)
Add delete buttons: Add buttons to delete components, cookingsteps and materials directly
Add storage recommendation: Add storage recommendation for recipes
Add views for product providers: Add new categories for product providers.
Improve shoppinglist: Add materials of components to shoppinglist and group them.
Add ennoble recommendation: Add ennoble recommendation to recipes
Add new design for pdf: Add new improved design for pdf.
Add links for recipes: Add links for recipes to display newes, app, to-check and public recipes
Add allerts for admins: Add allerts for admins to prevent unwanted data manipulations (admin function)
Change password view and logic: To change passwords you have now to confirm the old password
Improve speed planer: Improve the speed to load data in planer
Add groups for users: Users can create Groups and asign them to recipes
Bugfix component id: Fixed a bug, which prevents components ids to be displayed.
Bugfix material sorting: Fixed a bug, which prevents sorting of materials.
Bugfix material nutritons: Fixed a bug, which causes crashes for undefinded nutritons.
Bugfix recipe declarations: Fixed a bug, which cuases crashes when creating declarations of not saved recipes.
Bugfix material prices buttons: Fixed wrong links in buttons
Bugfix teasers: Fixed a bug, which causes crashes, when no teasers where available.
Bugfix delete component: Fixed a bug, which causes crashes when recipes has deleted components.
Bugfix routing: Fixed bugs, that causes routing errors
Bugfix translations: wrong translations in notifications where fixed
Bugfix relative materials: Fixed bugs, which causes wrong values in recipes for relative materials on base of volumes
Bugfix enter: Fixed a bug, which prevent recipes to be saved, when enter was pressed.
Bugifx cloneing: Fixed a bug which causes wrong calculations for cloned recipes
Bugfix style: Fixed bugs in styling of recipe view
Bugfix search: Fixed a bug which causes trouble by using "'" in search
Bugfix menu: Added missing links to menu


Fixed Bug: Fixed Bug in translations


increase gimik speed: Increases Gimik speed


Bugfix create user: Fixed a bug, which prevents users to be created
Bugfix App link: Added link to point app in menu.
Bugfix permission: Appusers can now add recipes to app.
Bugfix copy: Fixed a bug, which causes copys of same recipe to calculate wrong values in pdf.


Bugfix material search: Fixed a bug in recipe edit form, which causes errors when searching for materials


Add DSVGO conform privacy: Add new functions and privacy text conform with the DSVGO


Bugfix material: Fixed a bug, which causes crashes by changing provider of material


Remove CSV: Removed CSV-Export from Planer
Title Weekplan: Changed Title of Weekplan PDF if Title is missing
PDF Download Languages: Add feature to download recipe and product pass in other languages
Change texttemplates: Remove categories from texttemplates. All texttemplates are now available for every Textfield.
Add search for templates: Add search function for texttemplates
Add perish date: Add possibility to define a perish time for a recipe
Add provider manager: Add possibility to manage own product providers
Add field for components: Add preparation recommendation for Components to pdf
Change menu: Make menu more dynamic and responsive
Add GDA: Add Guideline Daily Amount for recipes
Add option for app: Add option to decide if a recipe should be shown as product or recipe in app
Bugfix copying recipe: Fixed a bug, which prevent relative ingredients to be copied
Bugfix menu: Fixed a bug, which prevent menu pop up
Bugfix units: Fixed a bug, which causes small quantitys to be shown as 0.0
Bugfix translation: Fixed a translation bug for nutritional informations
Bugfix import: Fixed a bug, which causes recipes to be shown as updated if a material was updated.
Bugfix pdf plane: Fixed a bug, which prevent download of pdf in planer
Bugfix new recipe: Fixed a bug, which causes crash for unsaved recipes with component when adding new components or materials


Bugfix copy recipe: A Bug was fixed, which prevents components to be created or copied if the recipe contains relative materials with unit g/l
Bugfix creating material: A Bug was fixed, which prevents materials to be saved if nutritional values was undefined


Fix newlines: Fixed newlines in pdf for preparation_recommendation


Add gda table: Add functions for calculating the Guideline Daily Amount


Add Product Pass for App: Add option for printing product pass in app


Bugfix Units Pdf: Fixed a bug which causes all units to be displayed as kg, also when value was parsed to new unit
Add printsetting: Added a printsetting to display units in recipe like choosen in Recipe (no auto parsing)


Bugfix recipe pass: Add factor for components in prices
Bugfix declaration: Fix permission for users, that prevent declarations to be created
Bugfix prices: Fixed bug, which prevents Users to edit prices
Bugfix back button prices: Fixed bug, which causes crashes after clicking on back button
Bugfix export: Add ability to only export EU Allergens


Bugfix pdf: Admin can now choose which PDF-Style should be used for recipe pass


Fix bug copy recipe: Fixed a bug which causes crashes when trying to copy a recipe
Fix bug usersettings: Fixed a bug which causes crashes, when trying to update usersettings
Fix bug PDF1: Fixed a bug which prevent component chains to be displayed in Recipe PDF
Fix bug PDF2: Fixed a bug with sorting prefixes in PDFs


Fix Bug in PDF: Fixes a Bug which prevent images of recipes to be shown
Fix Bug in quality control: Fixes a Bug in quality controll, that prevent quaility check requests.
Fix Bug in trafficlight: Fixes a Bug which causes recipe status to be red instead of orange.


Bugfix declaration: Fixed a bug which causes errors in declaration calculations when components have components
Bugfix user roles: A bug was fixed, which causes errors, when new users don't have a role
Bugfix PDF frontend: A bug was fixed, which prevents PDFs in Frontend
Bugfix materials: A bug was fixed, for the checking of allergens and additives in materials. (admin function)
Bugfix search: The search field will now browse all languages
Bugfix frontend search: Fixed a bug, which causes infinity loading in frontend search


Add versions: Versions with release notes were added.
Add link in header: A Link to release notes was added to the header.
Add notification for users: A notification will pop-up if an user first logged in after update.
Add preload of recipes: 24 Recipes will now be preloaded.
Add list of E-Numbers: Added a list of the meaning of E-numbers to the declaration help for recipes.
Add notification for copy: Add a notification, which will pop up, if an user wants to copy a recipe.
Add updating info: Add information about change historie of recipes. It will be shown who and when have changed or created a recipe.
Add delete function: Add the ability to delte templates for week plans in the frontend. Add delete button to the loading list
Deleted routes: Deleted routes to not accessible or available pages
Add rights to groups: Groups have gained the new role owners. Owners can edit recipes. Members can read recipes.
Add delete button: Add a delete button for profile picture
Fixed energy in recipes: Fixed PDF export of recipes. Changed title of kj and kcal to energy and add kj and kcal as units
Round units: Round units in shopping list. If there are more than 1000 g it will be translated to kg. Same for mg -> g and ml -> l
Add translations center: Add translation center to translate all keys dynamicly. Admins now can translate
Add translation pages: Add translation pages for objects like recipe, materials, etc. User can now translate Objects to other languages
Fix bug user: Fix bug which prevents deleting of users (admin function)
Fix bug hoover text: Add hoover texts for buttons in user management (admin function)
Fix bug routes: Fixed reachability of pages
Add server settings: Add server settings for specifying server (admin function)
Add settings: Add settings for leitsatzkennziffer and weight_precision (admin function)